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What Parents Say About Our School

"The staff at El Cuento Preschool are the most warm, friendly, and caring group of teachers I have ever come across. Director Rosie, in particular, is so wonderful about getting to know each of the kiddos and gives us regular updates on how they're doing and things we can help them with at home. She is accommodating with us as parents, and kind, patient, and affectionate with our kiddos. The teachers challenge the students and our kids have become very independent, in addition to being very close to learning to read at almost 4 years old. We are very impressed with the academics and the social and emotional support/skills they teach."

Vanessa, mom to;

Javi Martin-Alvarez, 4 years old
Cruz Martin-Alvarez, 4 years old

Identical twins attending El Cuento School since they were 2.5 years old. 

“All the teachers were very warm and friendly. I felt like my child was loved. Great Spanish preschool!


The teachers helped my child handle her social anxiety. I think it's a great program. That's why both my kids attended."

Lindsey, mom to;

Alessandro, now 13, 

attended for 3 years

and Luliana, 6

"Great bi-lingual education for our kids in a loving environment. Prepares them very well academically for elementary school.Great opportunity for quality education while learning a second language (if they don't already know Spanish).


Great flexibility and the kids love it every day."

Brian, dad to;

Nolan, 3

"The director of the school brings a perfect balance of academics and play. There is also a lot of love expressed here too, an element that seems to be missing in so many larger, chain preschools these days.


Our older son who is now in Kindergarten came extremely well-prepared in his ability to read both English and Spanish. He was also well above other children in math. As parents with virtually no Spanish speaking abilities (we're limited to just one parent's basic high school Spanish), it is incredible to see our children completely understand someone speaking Spanish, and be able to speak the language with a near perfect accent after just a few short years. Their Spanish is now way better than mine!"

Christopher Pasco (parent)

"Our son has been at El Cuento for four years and we could not of asked for a better experience. El Cuento has nurtured every aspect of his development and truly is like a second home for him. He asks regularly if he can take his teachers to Kindergarten with him.


It is really wonderful to see a program that understands our son so well and is able to meet his developmental needs and challenge him to grow in the areas he needs pushing."

Adrianne da Silva (parent)

"We have two children there and can't say enough amazing things about the program. Our two boys come home excited to share what they've learned and get to spend the day in a loving and supportive environment. They walk the fine line between teaching and letting them explore through play. Even without the amazing benefits of Spanish all the time, this is a spectacular preschool."

Jeffrey Pelletier (parent)

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