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Headteacher's Welcome


My lifelong dream was to teach children the same way I was thought by my grandmother. She was very kind and patient, and a very curious person who always motivated me to learn through experience. My greatest satisfaction is seeing how quickly children assimilate to new environments and cultures, adapting not only the language but also learning to enjoy foods and customs different than their own. 


El Cuento is a unique curriculum that links the academic and the cultural and combines it into a cultural immersion adventure where your child will learn another language through love, patience, respect, individuality, and cultural diversity.

Rosie Alarcon, Principal

Maestra Helen

As an emergent bilingual alumni, I have a strong passion for teaching Spanish to my students. I have my Masters in Teaching with a bilingual endorsement, along with my B.A in Community Psychology with a minor in Education and Society, from the University of Washington. 


Traveling abroad, has given me a better understanding of the process of learning and teaching another language. I take my personal experiences as an advantage to implement my teaching methods. I know that every child has different skills and learning styles, that is why I am committed to having differentiated instruction with a variety of scaffolds for our students' to achieve their goals.


El Cuento has given me the opportunity to teach Spanish, while also teaching about my culture.


Our Programs

At El Cuento Preschool and Learning Centers, we provide a nourishing environment, which promotes student development in acquiring a new language.   As a 100% Spanish immersion program, we believe that students learn best by instructional scaffolding done throughout games, interactive and engaging activities on a daily basis.


Our goal is to amplify our students’ linguistic repertoire while enhancing cultural immersion. We offer our students the opportunity to explore these learning dynamics through dramatic play, carefully weaving in art, music, and social emotional learning.


Develop their fine motor skills and sensory to better express themselves, and be able to create their own pieces of art. 


Increase their curiosity to explore different traditions and diversity of people. This approach encourages children to develop their own sense self awareness in relation to others.


Learn Folklore dance for large motor development to improve synchronization, balance, coordination and develop their spatial awareness. 


Fundamentals of STEM in early childhood education is the key for better understand the world. STEM helps to build resilience, promotes a creative, analytical thinking and helps your child problem solve everyday challenges.


Cooking and exploring a multicultural variety of cuisines and flavors. Cooking enriches their vocabulary and their self-confidence when they are able to try tasting new foods.

We Offer

  • Part-time or full day programs

  • 100% spanish curriculum

  • Convenient locations

  • Small teacher to student ratio

  • Cultural enrichment programs

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