Curriculum and Immersion Programs

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Standard Curriculum




Students at this age in our program are taught mostly through songs/chants. We engage children with music, art, and body movements. 



For this age group, students are more aware of their surroundings and our goal is to re-enforce their self-esteem by expanding their Spanish vocabulary using Total Physical Response (TPR) tactics.  In addition, we focus on further developing their fine and gross motor skills to lay the foundation for effective penmanship as they grow older. 



Our world explorers at this age have a lot of questions! They are eager and ready to absorb more. During this age group, we focus more on expanding their phonological awareness with different teaching methods that are customized for each emergent bilingual student.

Immersion Programs

2020-2021 Enrollment Period

Arts and Crafts

Fiesta Manualidades

We focus on multicultural diversity and traditions across Latin America. Children will learn the variety of festivities and their meaning. The program will focus on giving them new vocabulary and while becoming conscious  about different traditions and food.

Science Talking

Haciendo Ciencia

Fundamental of STEM in early childhood education is the key to better understand the world. It helps to build resilience, promotes a creative, analytical thinking and helps your child problem solve everyday challenges and enriches teamwork.


Moviendo El Cuerpo

Folklore dance is part of the culture to enrichment for the large motor development. Movement improves synchronization, balance, coordination and develop their spatial awareness. Dance and theater help the children develop aesthetic knowledge and skill movement expression.

Latino Culture

Hablemos De Latinoamérica

We increase their curiosity to explore different traditions and diversity of people. This approach encourages children to develop their own sense self-awareness in relation to others.

Cooking Culture

Cocinando Cultura

Int this program we will cook and explore a variety of cuisines and flavors. Cooking enriches vocabulary and self-confidence when kids are able to try new foods. Ethnic food gives children a better understanding and appreciation of their world.

Art Discover

Descubriendo Arte

We teach through art to develop their fine motor skills and sensory to teach children to express themselves, and be able to create their own pieces of art. Arts and Crafts contribute to social and personal development of children.

Earth Talking


Children are introduced to the concepts of reusing everyday items to understand all the benefits of recycling. They learn to create extractives pieces and develop their imagination and transform trash into art while helping the environment.