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¡Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela!


Learn Spanish Through Cultural Immersion

Your child's journey of discovery into the rich Spanish-speaking cultures of Latin America starts at El Cuento!  We offer a variety of programs that allow your child to explore and learn Spanish through a cultural curriculum, with hands on activities.




Our infant classroom will be



(limited spaces)

(Federal Way location only)



Our toddler classroom is set up for exploration and new self-discovery! Taught by qualified Native Spanish speakers.  During this age group, we focus on sensory skills along with lots of tender, love and care.

(Federal Way location only)



For this age group, students are more aware of their surroundings and our goal is to re-enforce their self-esteem by expanding their Spanish vocabulary using Total Physical Response (TPR) tactics.  In addition, we focus on further developing their fine and gross motor skills to lay the foundation for effective penmanship as they grow older. 



Our world explorers at this age have a lot of questions! They are eager and ready to absorb more. During this age group, we focus more on expanding their phonological awareness with different teaching methods that are customized for each emergent bilingual student.



Students at this age in our program are taught mostly through songs/chants. We engage children with music, art, and body movements. 

Personalized Learning

Our Spanish curriculum programs use a holistic approach to better understand and cater to each individual child and his/her needs. We take great care to focus on group activities, individual work, and social-emotional learning (SEL) to monitor and ensure he/she is engaged and learning.  Regardless of where your child is at when they join El Cuento school, you can be assured their Spanish Immersion journey will be engaging and fun!

We accept state subsidy, tribal assistance and work alongside Early Achievers to make our programs accessible to all. We believe education is the key to a successful foundation for your child's growth.

Bienvenidos and we look forward to welcome your family to ours. 


Our Approach

At El Cuento Preschool and Learning Centers, we provide a nourishing environment, which promotes student development in acquiring a new language.   As a 100% Spanish immersion program, we believe that students learn best by instructional scaffolding done throughout games, interactive and engaging activities on a daily basis.



Our goal is to amplify our students’ linguistic repertoire while enhancing cultural immersion. We offer our students the opportunity to explore these learning dynamics through dramatic play, carefully weaving in art, music, and social emotional learning.

What Parents Say About Our School

The staff at El Cuento Preschool are the most warm, friendly, and caring group of teachers I have ever come across. Director Rosie, in particular, is so wonderful about getting to know each of the kiddos and gives us regular updates on how they're doing and things we can help them with at home. She is accommodating with us as parents, and kind, patient, and affectionate with our kiddos. The teachers challenge the students and our kids have become very independent, in addition to being very close to learning to read at almost 4 years old. We are very impressed with the academics and the social and emotional support/skills they teach. 

Vanessa, mom to;

Javi Martin-Alvarez, 4 years old
Cruz Martin-Alvarez, 4 years old

Identical twins attending El Cuento School since they were 2.5 years old. 

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